Our Approach

Here’s a brief overview of how we got our name (E-D-G-E), and what you can expect when you work with us.

> ENGAGE: From the start, our advisors are looking to hear where you want to go -- your needs, your visions, and your dreams. We’ll get your whole organization participating in the conversation, and craft a plan that resonates with the diversity and excellence of their input.

> DEVELOP: Once you’ve clearly defined your needs, we’ll help determine the best road to get you there and guide you through the detailed planning necessary to make it happen.

> GROW: This is the goal of everything we do – to help your organization, and the impact of its mission, grow. We’ll help you move aggressively toward your organization’s goals.

> EMPOWER: At heart, our advisors are coaches and teachers. Our best success is your long-term success, and we’ll do all we can to train and empower you to continue the hard work of growing your mission impact year after year.

We believe that growth in mission-based organizations requires the simultaneous development of three fundamental aspects of the organization: LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY, and FUNDING. Based on that belief, we help community and faith-based charities, churches, and schools, increase their mission impact by strengthening leaders and boards, defining a clear strategic course, and raising the funds needed to act.

This comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to organizational health and impact has many benefits, such as:

  • A more effective and energized board and staff.
  • A more innovative, adaptive and responsive organization.
  • A better use of organizational resources; strong mission-directed alignment.
  • A stronger congregation or volunteer community.
  • Substantial increase in giving and financial support, and the ability to sustain it.
  • And most importantly, substantial increase in mission impact!

We bring the breadth and talent of a large firm, without the large firm price tag. Whether you are looking for help with a particular aspect of your organizational development (i.e. fundraising), or need a “general contractor” to oversee development and coordinate efforts on a number of levels, our EDGE team is ready to assist you.

Contact us to discuss how our unique approach can benefit your organization.