Our History

Our origins date back to 1998 with a small company that focused on fundraising for local sports teams, schools, and similar groups. The work was simple (and very part-time), but directly exposed us to the unique needs of smaller organizations.

EDGE’s founder, Jim Shapiro, realized that there was a major service gap in the nonprofit sector when it came to fundraising and nonprofit management expertise.  Most consulting agencies were serving large nonprofit charities and charging insanely high fees ($10,000+ a month).  It was clear that small and mid-sized organizations were in great need of nonprofit “best practices” and management advice, but at a price that fit their cash-flow realities.

In 2004, after two years of research and preparation, a new company was launched – focused on meeting the needs of small and mid-sized charities, churches, and schools. The company was quickly hired to manage the fundraising strategies for two faith-based organizations in the Pacific Northwest. The EDGE Group was born.

Since that time, we have helped over 75 organizations raise nearly than $150 million dollars. The company quickly expanded its reach (now operating in offices up and down the West Coast), its personnel (our “group” now includes more than a dozen people) and its services to include leadership coaching, board development, management consulting, strategic planning, social media strategies, and comprehensive fundraising services.

Even as we grow, we remain committed to serving small and mid-sized organizations at a price that fits their reality. Our company structures keep us “lean and mean” and focused on providing comprehensive, mission-enhancing services for far less than larger agencies. We provide free training and resources, and continue to do all we can to help organizations serving people.

Our goal is to find more like-minded and highly-capable people who desire to help small and mid-sized nonprofits “find a better way to do more good.” We are strengthened by the energies and skills of each member that joins our team. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us. We’d love to talk with you!