Answers to some frequent questions

We work hard to effectively help our clients “find a better way to do more good.” Here are comments from some of the organizations the EDGE has served.

Q: How is an advisor different than a consultant?

A: We think the fundamental difference is in our posture. We’re not interested in simply providing organization’s with plans and ideas. As advisors, we make a commitment to walk and work alongside an organization to implement plans and make ideas a reality. We’re intent on helping charities, churches, and schools grow and increase the impact of their mission…finding a better way to do more good.

Q: How will your “comprehensive approach” benefit our organization?

A: We have talked with so many organizations that have had lack-luster – or even outright negative – experiences with consultants in the past. Too many organization’s suffer at the hands of specialists, namely because those specialists tend to view the organization’s challenges through the lens of their specialty, whether or not it is truly the best way to answer the challenges at hand. Our “comprehensive approach” to leadership, strategy, and funding looks at the whole picture and helps develop smart, accurate, and prioritized plans for addressing your organization’s challenges. The benefits: the effective use of your limited resources, and the most direct route to real mission-impacting results.

Q: You say your services cost less than other consulting agencies, but won’t we get what we pay for?

A: We make the most of virtual offices and technology driven solutions, rely on the referrals of our past customers for most of our marketing, and do the majority of our work in our own regions to reduce travel expenses. This helps us keep our overhead to an absolute minimum, and allows us to pass the cost-savings on to you. We are confident in the high-quality of our people and our services, and believe our prices makes us the clear choice!

Q: How are you paid?

A: The majority of our work is done with simple retainer-based contracts, billed twice each month. This keeps payments low and doesn’t disrupt the sensitive cash flow of smaller organizations. Our retainers are based solely on the time we commit to your organization, so you pay only for what you get.

Q: How long are your contracts?

A: We have no long-term contracts. EDGE is a 15-day hire/fire; we believe in our ability to bring value and earn our ongoing relationship with our clients.

Q: Can you help us long-term?

A: Certainly! Many organizations make us an ongoing part of their team – as strategists, advisors, marketing personnel, or development directors. In most cases, you get all that service for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee and can invest the savings back into your mission.

Q: What is a “development director for hire”?

A: Whether you have recently lost a development professional, have cut back staff to reduce overhead, or are a small organization ready to invest in your fundraising efforts, The EDGE Group can provide an experienced and cost effective solution for your development needs.

  • For a low monthly retainer, we can serve as your interim or contract Development Director, managing your organization’s development efforts and the efforts of other development staff and volunteers.
  • We bring comprehensive solutions – resourcing our network of experts to help strengthen and expand your fundraising streams (events, major gifts, grant writing).
  • You get all that service for 25-70% of the cost of a full-time employee and can invest the savings in your marketing/fundraising efforts or directly back into your mission.